18' X 280 Ton CNC Masteel Hydraulic Press Brake

18' X 280 Ton CNC Masteel Hydraulic Press Brake

Stock Number: NB701516

Masteel MBHA-18280

Condition: New

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Max. Capacity Tons280 Tons
Max. Bending Length18'
Distance Between Frames184"
Height Of Bed36"
Depth Of Throat12'-3/4"
Length Of Ram Stroke10"
Fast Approach Speed95 IPM
Press Speed19 IPM
Fast Return Speed128 IPM
Max. Open Height23-4/4'
Back Gauge Travel26"
Main Motor30 Hp
Weight41,800 Lbs
Dimensions Length X Width222" X 60"
Machine Height112"

Equipped With:
Standard SIEMENS TP-700 control with 6" Touch Screen display SIEMENS Two Axis CNC controls on back gauge and ram bending position Bosch-Rexroth Closed-loop proportional Hydraulic position control. repeatability standard at 0.0006", optional at 0.0004". Back gauge position control. Standard CNC back gauge: speed at 200 IPM as per Demo Video; repeatability at 0.003". Programmable back gauge retract feature: CNC bending angle control. Only inputs of bending angle, material thickness & die opening Two-way bending calibration controls -allow inexperienced operator to achieve desired angles with no time. Consuming multiple test bends. Save on costly skilled labor and test bend material. By correction of test-bending angle, control system automatically sets itself to achieve desired angle. By correction of bending position calculated automatically by control system. Dual ram position feedbacks with hydraulic Synchronized control compensates for uneven force on the bend. Tool memory for quick recall of tool setup. 200 Job memory with average of 30 bends in each program. Programmable pressure control. Programmable ram delay control at bending position under adjustable pressure for bump bending or special. heavy bending application. Maintenance plan auto-prompts service schedule. Operating hour meter. Operating prompts and Troubleshooting messages. Inch / MM conversion. OPERATING FUNCTION: Ram speed control: Rapid approach and return speeds insure more efficient production. Slow bending speed for better control of bending accuracy. Ram stroke control: Programmable ram top stop limit for more efficient production. Programmable slow working speed position and second stop position. Four Operating Modes: Jog mode: inching control of ram for tool setup. Single mode: one full bend cycle per control input. Double stop mode: excellent for sight bend operations. Follow bend mode: easy to follow bending and ram return on large sheet or with crane handling. QUALITY & VALUE STANDARD EQUIPMENT: Two axis back gauge One axis Siemens CNC control: X - axis. One axis manual adjustment: R - axis. Precision-made back gauge fingers can be easily & accurately positioned along gauge bar. Compact SIEMENS control system provides hydraulic, electrical and CNC control in one for best reliable performance. Push button rapid and fine adjustments on back gauge and bending position. Fully equipped with Masteel tooling and clamping system. Floating-adjustable die clamping system for various die application Hardened and precision ground tool steel gooseneck punch: 53-58RC;100Ton/M(33Ton/Ft) Capacity. Hardened and precision ground Masteel 10 openings, 4-way die: HB190-260. Masteel Crown Device for easy-adjusting tooling and machine wear intolerances with no cost Deep throat depth with swing up clearance allows full length bend over bed up to 12". T- slotted bed for support arms or custom setups. 2 - Front support arms. Standard SIEMENS two-axis CNC controller. North-American made hydraulic & electrical system. North-American standard hydraulic fittings and hoses. OPTIONAL EQUIPMENTS: KV-2004 or Delem control DA-56 or up model. Offline program software for KV-2004 or Delem control. Servo CNC back gauge with ball screw and linear guide way. Manual WILA Anti-Deflection system. Safety light curtain. Laser protection system for die area. Hydraulic top and bottom tool holding system. Quick- set front sheet support arm with linear bearing rollers. Hydraulic oil coolant. One-shot slide greasing system. Special throat depth (500,600 and 750 mm). Special top and bottom tools.


18' X 280 Ton CNC Masteel Hydraulic Press Brake
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