12' X 190 Ton CNC Masteel Hydraulic Press Brake

12' X 190 Ton CNC Masteel Hydraulic Press Brake

Stock Number: NB701520

Masteel MBHSA-12190

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Max. Capacity Tons190 Ton
Max. Bending Length12'
Distance Between Frames122"
Height Of Bed36"
Depth Of Throat12'-3/4"
Length Of Ram Stroke8"
Fast Approach Speed237 IPM
Press Speed25 IPM
Fast Return Speed245 IPM
Max. Open Height17-1/8"
Back Gauge Travel28"
Main Motor15 Hp.
Weight24,200 Lbs.
Dimensions Length X Width151" X 70"
Machine Height105"
Optional Equipment 
CNC R Axis$6,380.00
Hydraulic Crowning$6,336.00
Interlock Back Guard$1,320.00
Power Z1 & Z 2 Control$3,000.00
Quick-Set Sheet Supports$1,320.00
Central Lubrication$1,980.00
Electrical 440 Or 600 V$880.00
Backgauge Finger Assembly$528.00 Each
Light Curtain$5,280.00
Price With All Options:$75,836.00

Equipped With:
Operating Functions: Standard SIEMENS TP 700 Control Ram speed control Rapid approach and return speed. Slow bending speed for accuracy control. Programmable bending speed. Ram stroke control: Programmable ram top stop limit for more efficient production. Programmable slow working speed position. Programmable second stop position. Four Operating Modes: Jog mode: Inching control of the ram for tool setup. Single mode: One full bend cycle per control input. Double stop mode: Ram stop above material and excellent for sight bend operations. Follow bend mode: Ram jogging down/up with foot paddle and easy to follow bending and ram return on large sheets or with crane handling. Standard Operating Equipment: Two axis back gauge: One axis CNC control: X axis One axis manual adjustment: R axis 3-step precision-made back gauge fingers Floating-adjustable die clamping system for various die applications. The fine alignments of horizontal tolerances in relation to the back gauge is for producing accurate flange lengths Masteel reversible punch holder accommodates both American and European punches Adjustable wedges on punch holder provide fine alignments for vertical tolerances in the press brake and tooling, which easily and effectively correct accumulated machine tolerance across the length of the whole machine, significantly extend the life span of press brakes. Hardened and precision ground tool steel gooseneck punch: 53-58RC; 100Ton/M (33Ton/Ft) capacity. Hardened and precision ground Masteel 8 openings, 4-way die: HB190-260. Deep throat depth with swing up clearance allows for full length bend over bed (?, for) up to 12”. 2 front support arms Optional Equipment: Central lubrication Central lubrication Interlock back guard Special top and bottom tools 460 or 600V electrical Hydraulic oil cooler NEMA 12 electrical cabinet WILA hydraulic top and bottom tool holding system WILA type manual or CNC crowning system CNC R axis CNC Z1/Z2 axis or power operated Z1/Z2 axis Safety light curtain Quick-set front sheet support (2 sets) Special throat depth (500, 600 and 750 mm) Laser protection system for die area


12' X 190 Ton CNC Masteel Hydraulic Press Brake
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