16 X 32 New SG Series Saddle Type Horizontal Surface Grinder

16" X 32" New SG Series Saddle Type Horizontal Surface Grinder

Stock Number: NG802505

Ganesh SG-2A1632

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Max Cross X Longitudinal Travels18"X35"
Spindle Center Height From Table23.6"
Grinding Surfce Of Table16"X32"
Hydraulic Table Speed40 To 1,000 In/Min
Hydraulic Motor2 Hp.
Intermittent Cross Feed0.1 To .4 In / Feed
Continuous Cross Feed40" Inch/Min
Revolution On Cross Hand Wheel.01"
Division On Cross Hand Wheel.0005"
Revolution On Vertical Hand Wheel0.05
Division On Cross Hand Wheel0.0001
Rapid Vertical Traverse9.4" Inch/Min
Wheel Dimension (O.D. X W. X I.D.)14" X 1.5" X 5"
Max. Height From Table To Bottom Of New Wheel16.6"
Spindle Speeds1,500 / 1,800 Rpm's
Spindle Motor7.5 Hp.
Machine Weight6,160 Lbs.
Dimension (L. X W. X H.)91" X 75" X 83"
Electromagnetic Chuck With Auto Demagnetizer16"X32"
Chuck ControlYes

Equipped With:
STANDARD ACCESSORIES Grinding wheel w/flange: 14"x1.5"x5" Balance arbor Table mounted diamond dresser Tool box w/tools & leveling screws PACKAGE COMES WITH: Electromagnetic chuck Chuck control w/variable holding power Coolant System with paper filter Splash Guard NOTE: There is an additional charge of $1,000 for an upgrade coolant system with magnetic separator & paper filter. OPTIONAL ACCESSORIES PART NO. DESCRIPTION RETAIL PRICE SG1632-5001 Electromagnetic chuck (16"x32") with Auto Demagnetizer $3,800.00 OLP6-5003 O.S. Walker LBP (fine pole, 16" x 32") chuck $10,365.00 OLP6-5002 O.S. Walker chuck control for 1632 $1,185.00 SG-5009 Cross micro-feed $1,560.00 SG-5008 Vertical micro-feed $1,560.00 SG-1003 Spare wheel flange $450.00 SG-3001 Parallel dressing attachment (Manual) $ 830.00 OP3-4005 Spindle motor - variable speed (Inverter) 3HP $1,900.00 OP5-4005 Spindle motor - variable speed (Inverter) 5HP $2,350.00 OP6-4005 Spindle motor - variable speed (Inverter) 7.5HP $ 2,750.00 SG1632-5010 Criss cross grinding attachment for (1632) $2,190.00 OG3-2001 Coolant system (60L tank capacity) $ 900.00 OG3-2004 Coolant system with paper filter (100L) $2,050.00 OG3-2003 Coolant sys. with mag. separator (60/min,140L) $1,950.00 OG3-2002 Coolant system with mag. separator & paper filter (100L) $2,950.00 SG-3004 Radius dressing attachment $900.00 SG-3005 Angle dressing attachment $750.00 G3A013-30 Paper filter roll 30 Micron $85.00 OLP6-8010 2Axis DRO for 1632 $2,650.00 Installation (Net) $500.00


16 X 32 New SG Series Saddle Type Horizontal Surface Grinder
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