38 X 90.6 New Dah-Lih Vertical Machining Center

38" X 90.6" New Dah-Lih Vertical Machining Center

Stock Number: NM08513

Dah-Lih MCV 2100

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ControlOi MD
Positioning / Repeatability+/- 0.0002"/ +/- 0.0001"
Table Size38" X 90.6"
T-Slots (Size/Amt./Pitch)0.866"/ 5" / 5.91"
Table Load6,600 Lbs.
Table Travel X Axis82.7"
Table Travel Y Axis34"
Spindle Head Travel Z Axis30"
Spindle Taper Cat# 50
Spindle Speeds60 To 6,000 Rpm's
Spindle Feeds.04 To .394 IPM
Spindle Nose To Table Min. / Max.7.8" To 37.8"
Spindle Center To Column Way33.5"
Distance Table Top To Floor37.4"
Feed Rate0.04 To .394 Min.
Rapid Traverse X And Y Axis.591 IPM
Rapid Traverse Z315 IPM
Minimum Input Increment0.0001
ATC (Automatic Tool Changer): 
Maximum Tool Length4.3 X 13.8"
Automatic Tool Changer32
Tool Weight33 Lbs.
Tool SectionRandom / Bi-Directional
Tool Retention StudMAS-1 45 Degrees
Main Spindle Motor30 Hp. 220 Volts
Drive Motors X,Y & Z5.4 / 9.4 / 5.6 Hp.
Power Consumption42 KVA
Electical220 Volts / 60 Hertz / 3 Phase
Machine Weight41,600 Lbs.
Floor Space Right To Left303"
Floor Space Front To Back185"
Standard Accessories Included: 
Fanuc Oi MD ControlqYes
6,000 Rpm Gear SpindleYes
Cat 50 TaperYes
Box Ways X / Y / Z AxisYes
Air BlastYes
Coolant Around The SpindleYes
Coolant Thru The Spindle (280 PSI)Yes
Full EnclosureYes
Flat Type Chip Conveyor & WagonYes
Spiral Type Chip AugerYes
4th. Axis InterfaceYes
Spindle ChillerYes
Heat ExchangerYes
Automatic LubricationYes
Air / Coolant GunYes
Work LightYes
Standard Fanuc Function Included: 
Helical InterpolationYes
Programmable Mirror ImageYes
Tool Off Set Amount Memory BYes
Tool Off Set 99 PairYes
Run Hour Ands Part Count DisplayYes
Coordinate System RotationYes
Programmable Date InputYes
Part Program Storage Length 1280 MYes
Automatic Corner OverrideYes
Optional Angle Chamfering Corner RYes
Program RestartYes
Polar Coordinate CommandYes
Tool Length MeasurementYes
Rigid TappingYes
Graphic DisplayYes
40 Tool Block Look A HeadYes
8.4" Color LCDYes
Special Accessories Options: 
Fanuc 31 i MB$18,000.00
Coolant Thru Spindle (700 PSI)$3,000.00
Power Coolant Pump$750.00
Oil Skimmer$1,200.00
Bed Wash Function$1,800.00
Main Motor 35 Hp.$2,000.00
40 Tools ATC$9,800.00
Automatic Tool Length Measuring Device$2,800.00
Renishaw Automatic Tool Length Measuring 
Renishaw Automatic Centering Device$9,800.00
Cat 50 / 10,000 Rpm Direct Drive Spindle$12,000.00
HSK 50 / 10,000 Rpm Direct Drive Spindle$16,000.00
Cat 40 / 12,000 Rpm Direct Drive Spindle$7,000.00
Cat 40 / 15,000 Rpm Direct Drive Spindle$10,000.00
Heidenhain Liner Scales For X And Y Axis$13,000.00
Heidenhain Liner Scales For X, Y And Z Axis$17,400.00
Transformer 220 V / 480$2,000.00
200 MM Column Extension 
(W/O Increase Z Travel)$4,000.00
Data Server 2 GB$2,000.00
AICC ll, 200 Block Look Ahead$2,000.00
Data Server + AICC ll, 200 Block Look Ahead$3,600.00
10.4" Color LCD + AICC II, 200 Blocks Look 
Ahead Function + Manual Guide i Function$3,200.00
10.4" Color LCD + AICC II, 200 Blocks Look 
Ahead Function + Manual Guide i Function 
+ Data Server 2 GB$4,800.00
2MB Part Program Storage Length$2,400.00
Function + Manual Guide i Function + AICCll 
200 Block Look Ahead Function$4,000.00
Tool Setter$8,800.00

Equipped With:
MAIN FEATURES: This machining center, with a weight of 41,600 pounds, has been designed and built of heavy- duty construction, to provide the capabilities of hard metal machining, at extremely accurate tolerances. HEADSTOCK 1. The Headstock casting is a box type construction, which provides maximum rigidity and ensures stable heavy machining. 2. The Fanuc AC spindle motor connects directly into the two (2) speed gear box input shaft. A wide range of spindle speed enables heavy cutting at either high or low speeds. 3. The Spindle head is equipped with a nitrogen counter balance system, which provides smooth Z axis travels, thus reducing wear on the ball screw, while maintaining the machine's high accuracy. 4. The machine is equipped with a "Long Nose Spindle" design for easy fixture and spindle/work piece clearance. This design provides more efficiency and accuracy when cutting complicated part configurations. This feature allows the use of relative short tools to carry out heavy duty machining. The "Long Nose Spindle" design, is also a remarkable advantage, especially when machining stair-shaped work pieces. 5. The tool knocking device with floating design features a buffering function which not only fully avoids damage to the spindle and bearings during tool release, but it also extends the service life of the spindle. The tool knocking motion is actuated by an air cylinder for efficient tool release. 6."Coolant thru spindle" is available for deep hole drilling, easy chip removal, and to provide the best possible machined surface finishes. 7. The high-performance heat exchanger ensures a constant temperature inside the control cabinet. It provides protection for electronic components, controller and motor driver. 8. The coolant jets around the spindle effectively remove heat from the cutting tool and the work piece, and ensure high cutting accuracy. 9. A "spindle oil cooler" is equipped to prevent the spindle from getting variation & thermal deformation. COLUMN, BED & SADDLE: 1. The machine bed structure is designed by using the Finite Element Method (FEM), an element analysis technique. This technique results in a well-designed bed, that is necessary for high rigidity & and high speed cutting capabilities. 2. The bed and saddle castings are provided with oversized ribs for good rigidity and to prevent deformation. Wide slide ways allow heavy cutting and retain accuracy even at continuous and rapid traverse movement. Extra high precision, large diameter (2.48") ball screws, are provided on all the axes. The ball screws are located at the center of the slide ways and are coupled directly to the AC servo motors to eliminate cutting resistance. 4. All the 3 axes ball screws are mounted with the servo motor on one side, and the support on the other, to ensure that no vibrations exist during ball screw rotation. 5. An automatic centralized lubrication system is standard, which provides intermittent lubrication to all slide ways for maintaining smooth movements. 6. A slanted telescopic metal cover is equipped as standard, between the back of the saddle and the lower part of the spindle head to protect the vertical ways. 7. Metal telescopic way covers are installed on both side of the table and the Y axis cross feed ball screw. These covers protect both the ways and ball screws from chip contamination. 8. The Saddle (Y axis travel) has four box type-slide ways to keep the machine in balance and stable. 9. The Table (X axis travel), and the Spindle Head (Z axis travel) are provided with wide slide ways, that are both rigid and accurate under long term use. 10. A Chip conveyor (Screw type) is standard, on the rear of the table, for convenient chip removal. During machining, chips are flushed and fall down to the chip auger for delivering to the chip conveyor. It efficiently removes chips to eliminate being affected by chips heat and keeps work area clean at all times. SPINDLE GEAR & TRANSMISSION SYSTEM: 1. The spindle, spindle shaft and gears are made of CR-MO alloy steel which are sufficiently carbonized and precision ground. 2. The large diameter (5") spindle is fitted with high precision class P4 (ABEC - class 7) preloaded, angular contact ball bearings. 3.The spindle transmission is driven by a high-low, ( 2 position) gear train, that provides high torque and high performance. It provides full horsepower and high torque in the low speed range and high machining performance, in the highspeed range. 4. An Automatic lubrication system is fitted in the spindle gear box to give continuous lubrication to all the gears. 5. Satellite gear drive design minimizes backlash while assuring extremely smooth running at high speed. 6. The spindle runs on ceramic bearing to reduce spindle thermal deformation to a minimum. 7. The specially designed longer spindle makes using smaller tools much easier. 8. Spindle bearing life is extended through the floating design of the tool unclamp unit. AUTOMATIC TOOL CHANGER (ATC) 1. The double arm type ATC utilizes a well-designed tool changing mechanism, with a powerful hydraulic system. The hydraulic system enables the tool pot to be tilted and the tool to be clamped, at the same time. Also, the tool magazine rotates to the next commanded tool position while the machine is performing machining operation. This (tool waiting) function, shortens the tool changing time to the minimum, and enhances tool changing reliability. TOOL MAGAZINE 1. The Tool magazine holds 32 tools (CAT 50 taper), to meet the machining requirements. The magazine is located at the side of machine to avoid interference against work pieces and to keep tool clean. 2. The Tools can be removed from the tool pot, easily and quickly, by either manual or automatic operations. CNC CONTROL & OPERATOR PANEL 1. The Fanuc control system is provided with an abundant standard feature content. AC servo motors, for all 3 axes, and an AC spindle motor are standard equipment 2. The operator panel, with CRT display, accommodates all operating switches and alarm lights for easy operation and increased efficiency. 3. The "Spindle RPM Meter" and "Spindle Load Meter" are installed on the operator panel, for spindle speed and cutting load display during machining. 4. The operator pendant can be easily rotated for comfortable operating position, and to eliminate operator fatigue. PRICE FOR Dah Lin MCV 2100 FOB LOS ANGELES, CA List Price: Sale Price: Delivery 4 Months after receipt of order and deposit. DL-MCV 2100 w/ Fanuc 0iMD control, CAT 50, 6000 rpm, 32 tools, 30 HP, Full splash guard, Coolant thru spindle (280 psi), Flat type chip conveyor, Chip auger, Spindle oil cooler, 4th axis interface, air blast, transformer, and all standard features & accessories. Note: Prices for the above-mentioned optional accessories are based on the items being purchased with the machine together. If any optional accessory is ordered after the machine has been shipped, extra charges for installation and shipping will be added. All price above are based on FOB Los Angeles, CA. All prices and specifications are subject to change without prior notice. TERMS AND CONDITIONS: FOB POINT AND RISK OF LOSS: Unless otherwise stated in the contract, all prices are FOB Los Angeles, CA. Freight costs from the FOB point are payable by customer, unless otherwise specified by Nutech Machinery Inc. and N&R Machine Sale Customer bears the risk of loss on the products from the FOB point. If the contract provides that customer shall not bear the shipping or insurance cost, risk of loss still passes to customer at the FOB point unless the contract explicitly states that risk of loss passes at some other point. If there is loss in shipment, customer shall be responsible to pursue all claims against the carrier or others arising from such loss. If shipment arrives short or damaged, to preserve its right in case the loss occurred before the risk of loss passed to customer, customer must have the carrier note the shortage or damage on the delivery receipt or freight bill, and customer shall notify N&R Machine Sales or Nutech Machinery of the short or damaged condition within five days. PAYMENT TERMS: A 30 % down payment is required with formal purchase order, 70% is due prior to shipment out of Los Angeles warehouse; unless otherwise specified by N&R Machine Sales and Nutech Machinery Inc. N&R Machine Sale and Nutech Machinery Inc. Terms can be modified to meet financing arrangements. Buyer shall execute seller's Sales Contract and any other documents required by seller. Seller shall retain a security interest in the equipment until full payment is made. Quoted prices above do not include shipping, rigging, federal, state or local sales tax or any other costs not specified in the quotation. LATE PAYMENTS: Late payments are subject to an interest charge of 1.5% per month (18% per year) on the unpaid balance. Buyer is responsible for all cost and expenses of collections, including attorney's fees. CANCELLATION: If a written purchase order is cancelled by the customer after 7 days, the customer is liable for the actual costs incurred by N&R Machine Sale and Nutech Machinery, or a 10% processing fee of the total purchase prices. DELIVERY: A delivery schedule will be updated upon receipt of a formal purchase order and down payment. The fulfillment of accepted order is contingent on accidents, fire, strikes or other causes beyond our control. VALIDITY: All prices are valid for 90 days from date of quote. All prices quoted are subject to final confirmation at the time of placing an order. All information contained in this quotation is correct at time of issue. N&R Machine Sales and Nutech reserves the right to modify specification & content without notice. All of our product catalogs and literature are subject to change and are not binding in detail. WARRANTY: N&R Machine Sales and Nutech Machinery and the manufacturer warrant its products against defects in parts and workmanship under normal use (eight hours per day) for 12 months, from date of shipment. All parts provided under this warranty are F.O.B. El Monte, CA, unless otherwise specified. Defective warranty parts are to be returned to N&R Machine Sales Nutech Machinery Inc. and by freight prepaid. Perishable items such as belts and light and the replacement thereof are not covered by the warranty. The manufacturer warrants the CNC control system for 24 months. The control manufacturer provides the warranty directly to the end users. Specifications are subject to change without prior notice. Typographical or clerical errors within this quotation are subject to correction. DISCLAIMER OF WARRANTIES: There are no warranties expressed or implied, including warranties of merchant ability and fitness for purpose made by N&R Machine Sales and Nutech Machinery in connection with this sale, except as expressly set for the herein. Buyer in purchasing equipment, agrees upon receipt of machinery subject to this agreement, it will be buyer's duty to inspect all machinery on a continuing basis; provide proper safety devices and equipment or means necessary to safeguard the operator from harm for any particular use, operation or setup of machines; to adequately safeguard each machine or equipment to meet all government safety standards which may be imposed form time to time, including but not limited to, 1970 Occupational Safety and Health Act. LIMITATION OF LIABILITY: No claim made hereunder by the buyer, whether as to a machine delivered or for non-delivery shall be greater than the purchase price of the machine with respect to which claim is made. Furthermore, under no circumstances, shall N&R Machine Sales and Nutech Machinery, and/or N&R Machine Sales And Nutech Machinery's officers, directors, shareholders, and employees, be responsible for any damages, costs or expenses (actual, compensatory, consequential, punitive, or otherwise) arising directly and/or indirectly from the machine sold hereunder. INDEMNIFICATION: Buyer agrees to indemnify and hold N&R Machine Sales and Nutech Machinery harmless from any and all liability, loss, or damages which N&R Machine Sales And Nutech Machinery may suffer as a result of claims, demands, costs or judgments made against N&R Machine Sales and Nutech Machinery arising out of any use whatsoever of the machinery and equipment sold pursuant to this agreement, which liability, loss or damages, claims demands or judgments are based upon or result from (1) the failure of buyer, buyer's officers, agents, or employees to follow manufacturer's instructions, warnings, or recommendations; or (2) the failure of buyer, buyer's officers, agents , or employees to comply with federal, state, or local laws or regulations applicable to the use of such equipment, including, but not limited to the 1970 Occupational Safety and Health Act as amended; or (3) any liability, loss or damages, claims, demands, costs or judgments based upon or resulting from any negligence or alleged negligence of N&R Machine Sales and Nutech Machinery or any N&R Machine Sales or Nutech Machinery's officers, agents or employees in the sale of the equipment that is the subject of this agreement; or (4) any liability, loss or damages, claims, demands, costs or judgments based upon or resulting from any legal theory of strict liability without fault applied to buyer or N&R Machine Sales and Nutech Machinery or to the actual manufacturer of the subject machinery or equipment to N&R Machine Sales or Nutech Machinery; or (5) any liability, loss or damages, claims, demands, costs or judgments based upon or resulting from, any theory or breach of any kind. GOVERNING LAW: This agreement shall be constructed per the laws of the State of California. Further, it is agreed that any claims relative to this sales transaction, or the machinery and equipment purchased herein, shall be brought in the court in Los Angeles County, California. We thank you for the opportunity to quote on your machinery requirements. Thanks, Randy Nevels N&R Machine Sales


38 X 90.6 New Dah-Lih Vertical Machining Center
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